Hello, It’s me, Victoria…

I’m going in blind so be gentle with me, and please feel free to throw any advice or tips my way!

This is me…

Always, always behind the camera. I take photos, often.
I post some of them on Instagram, often…ok daily! When I’m not doing that I’m being a full time mum to two gorgeous girls. A wife to a chef, trying to run a small creative business and trying my hardest not to lose my marbles in amongst all the chaos!

My business is the reason I am here really, I’ve journaled in the past over on my website but if I’m honest I struggled to be coherent with it. I never quite knew what to talk about and basically who would really be interested? This is what made me so hesitant of starting this one.
After a brief discussion with the lovely Laura over at who told me what does it matter if no one reads it, as long as you enjoy writing it! I realised I hadn’t been at all focused on what I was trying to get across in my old journalling. I need to be more clued up on what my goals are. I need to enjoy what I’m writing, not just writing for the sake of a journal post!

So this has lead me to here, my first blog post, finally!!
A brief hello from me and what to expect from my future posts.

I’ll be writing about my creative journey, my creative makes, some my own, some with my eldest daughter. (My youngest is only 4 months old so her time to craft will come!)
My love of nature, my interests in forest schooling and the positive influence this has on kids and the small moments in my life. The little things. The slowing down and simplifying life. Making it that little bit calmer in amongst the chaos that is everyday.

I really hope you’ll join me on this journey, the kettle is on, always!

Victoria xx

2 thoughts on “Hello, It’s me, Victoria…”

  1. Hello Victoria, it’s Amanda (ajpidge) from IG. That was a gorgeous first blog post, I wish I’d had a cup of coffee in my hand and a roaring fire in the background to really enjoy it. It felt so cosy.
    I’ll be looking forward to any blog posts you write, well done! Xx

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