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Festive Traditions & Makes

Christmas is upon us,  and I couldn’t be happier about it! Come December the 1st (Ok, around mid November if I’m honest) little bits of holly start sneaking indoors and fairy lights start appearing. I start pinning things on Pinterest and my creative to do list gets bigger and more unattainable by the day!

I did though get time to make a family advent calendar. Not sure wether this will turn into a family tradition or a possible one off for 2016 but its added an extra bit of excitement to each day so thats never a bad thing!


Its an exciting year for us this year as its my baby’s first Christmas and with my eldest Rosa, being at a great age for still believing in the man in red I really want to take the time to let it all soak in. To not rush the days past with the usually day to day chores and spend them creating & baking and filling them full of memories and traditions. It seems I have a mini Mary Berry on my hands who adorned her christmas tree biscuits with chocolate drops & snow, and did a better job at it than I think I would of done!


One thing we do every year is head over to the Christmas tree farm to get our tree, we went a little earlier this year to pick it and couldn’t of chose a better day as it was all frosty and white. A real winter wonderland. If little lady hadn’t of complained the entire time her feet were cold then it would of been even more magical but so be six year olds I guess!


Each year Rosa and I make Christmas decorations for her to give to family & friends, this years inspiration came, of course, from Pinterest. They are really easy to make, and she only required me to help her with the cutting out as we didn’t have a cookie cutter in this shape.


We’ve used Air dry clay in the past but this year we had some clay we could bake in the oven. We got ours from a ceramist we met at Potfest but air dry clay would work just as well. I cut out a gift tag shape from some cardboard to use as a template and using a knife, cut out the tags on some rolled out clay. We used wooden guiding sticks so it was all a similar width then placed a hole through each one for the twine to go through once baked. Rosa collected some herbs and leaves from the garden & we used those to create indented patterns on the tags. At this point we followed the guidelines for baking, then once ready Rosa painted them using an acrylic wash in an earthy green shade which is lovely for Christmas. I love to incorporate nature where I can into our crafts and this was a great one to do, plus I think I’d be happy making these myself one day…another craft added to the Pinterest to do list!!

I guess the list will stay long but, but I’m ok with that because these are the things that make December fun for us. The housework may be slacking slightly but it can wait because Christmas only comes around once a year and I’ve whole board of gift wrapping inspiration I’ve not even stared looking at yet!

Are there any traditions or festive makes you have each year? Pop a little comment in the box below or take a photo and tag me in it on Instagram I’d love to see!

Happy December!

Love Victoria



7 thoughts on “Festive Traditions & Makes”

  1. These ideas are just gorgeous! Been meaning to come and follow your blog for a while as seen on insta you set one up but you know how time disappears I’m sure! We’ve made white glitter ornaments the last two years but I so love the look of these! Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much lovely. I try to make slightly different ones each year but I’m slowly running out of ideas! Thank you for reading my blog, I’m always so flattered that anyone is interested in what I have to say! Hope you’re having a great December so far. X


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