Just be you.

I wrote a post once about my chaotic creative mind, you can read that post here if you fancy. This current mind state is still apparent as I struggle to find the time & my creative mojo to restock my shop. It’s constantly on my mind that I need to be getting projects finished and online but I start a project and then get inspired to start another project and  next thing I know I haven’t much clue as to wether I’m coming or going. Perhaps its a brand thing, although I’m fairly certain what my brand is, or perhaps its a confidence thing. I’m heading more towards the latter. I’ve taught myself to stop creating art that I think other people want and rather create art that I want and hope that others like it too. I’m not saying this is the best business strategy but I do think it is right for me. Its helped me focus on what my brand is and also tie in my photography so it fits with a brand. I also dislike using the word brand! Starting a business has taught me so many things, but the one thing that stands out from the rest is the importance of  just being yourself. I never started intentionally being something else but I’ve discovered so much about myself and my creative mind that the importance of having a brand and doing stuff because it is good for business just doesn’t work for me. My creative mind flitters from one project to the next and I still doubt myself daily but those doubts aren’t what they used to be. I know now, as I raise a headstrong creative 7 year old that the importance of not following the crowd and listening to YOU far outweighs the need to create something because its what everyone is talking about at that precise time. The same applies to most things. The latest toy, the latest gadget, the latest style in photography. I will raise my daughter to be her true individual self. I never had that as a child. I don’t believe authenticity was a thing in the 80s but it is now.

Back when I realised social media was the way I was going to help promote my business I started dabbling in creating better, similar photos. Creating a look and a style that fit my work but I got so confused and overwhelmed by all the larger accounts that I didn’t really have much clue as to what I was actually aiming for. I was over influenced by others photos and totally lost my creative aim. In hindsight though I can see now how that improved my photography and my direction. I see so many beautiful images daily. The difference now being that I no longer think “I should be doing it more like that” to “I love how they’ve captured that light, I must teach myself how to do that”

I recently bought myself a little camera so I could improve on my photography and hopefully take higher quality photos than my iPhone could give me. Its not easy and I’m sure one day I’ll figure out what the 4k button is for but right now I’m enjoying playing. I have two beautiful girls and a pretty little dog that sometimes are willing to pose for me and I’ve finally started taking some product snaps for my Etsy Shop.

If I do little & often then hopefully my plan of being open again by the summer will of been achieved! In the meantime though I’ll continue I’m sure as I always do, with a chaotic mind and a plan! Also, I’d like to thank all who are waiting for me to restock my shop, your patience and encouragement mean so much to me and I’ll be sure to keep you posted over on Instagram of any updates!


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