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Just be You…part 2!

I think the time has come to accept that clearing my busy mind of all the things I have to do & all things I want to do isn’t as easy as I think. Now I’m not complaining here. In fact far from it. It’s actually been quite eye opening to see that this is how I work best. Little did I know that this is where my journey would take me but here I am, saying I’m ok with my crazy busy chaotic creative mind. I totally accept that this is who I am. This is me, and I’m achieving more creatively than I think I ever had.
Now anyone who knows me even remotely well will be rolling their eyes about now thinking “took you bloody long enough” but I guess these are things we need to discover in our own time. My last blog post (now part 1 to this one) Just Be You or even perhaps this whole journaling my creative journey thing is perhaps what has got me to my accepting state of mind.

Loved the stars print available to purchase…click image to visit shop!

I finally have my shop open again, and although there is only a small amount of items currently available I dream one day it will be stocked to the brim of all the whimsical ideas in my head. A more popular item is a favourite of mine to create, and I can’t keep up with how quickly they sell…perhaps I should put in a pre order system?* Wildflower was inspired by a tattoo I have on my wrist, and creating this hand has inspired me to add to my tattoos! It’s a win win really!


To be able to make what I do, regardless of what I think others want me to make has been such an eye opener for me. I’ve no idea why it took me so long to realise this state of mind was the way forward. I’ve lots of personal projects on at the moment that I’m really enjoying. Projects that my old state of mind would of doubted my ability to do and a negative approach of what would be the point if nobody liked it. The point is because I like doing it. I LOVE doing it. Its my mindfulness. It’s my escape. Its my way of sharing what I see with others. If what I create helps others to feel the peace, the serenity & the moment of escape required in our less than slow lives then thats a plus with me.

Sketching my way through the Alphabet!

All the projects whether personal, or commissions or future ones I’ve yet to get started on are all part of this creative journey for me. To have the encouragement and wonderful responses from the folk that live in my phone, the folk that most I’ve never even met (lets change that if you’re reading this, you know who you are!)  is all I need to remind myself that I do what I do for a reason. To see things visually is such a blessing and it’s only now I’m grateful for that & If I can share what beauty I see with others then that to me is worth a happy dance!


Print available to purchase! Click image to visit my shop.

Love Victoria

*taking a note to look into that option!

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