A touch of Kind

I was reminded recently that in my early days of Instagram I took part in a pay it forward game that required me to offer a token/gift to the first three people that replied to my post in return that they do the same to their followers, i.e., pay it forward.

I thought this would be a wonderful thing to start again. As a fan of random acts of kindness anyway, what was there too lose right. Even if it never made it far. Even if only three people wanted to take part that was ok with me because, that was enough. Turns out it was a brilliant success and loads of people wanted to take part. This has encouraged me massively to try and continue this game and it was even suggested to me that a hashtag would be a great idea so people can track the journey or start their own game if they wish.

#atouchofkind was born at this point and I’m excited to see how far this could go.  This may not be your cup of tea, thats fine, you can stop reading now but if it is then I’d love it if you’d join me on this journey.

The algorithm on Instagram these days has caused a collection of people to miss out on taking part so I plan on keeping my future games active for around five days. Why 5? because still after 5 days I was getting messages about it so thats a good enough reason for me!

The rules are very basic & as flexible as you want them too be. All it requires is a little time, a little gift and postage costs to the winner/s.

If you’re a maker then please feel free to gift your products if it works in with your costings. For my first game I chose my wooden hangers, but of course if making isn’t your thing thats not a prob you could use anything, even a nice bar of chocolate or your favourite artisan coffee. It may be a nice way of showing others your favourite independent retailers, helping small independent business’s is always a plus in my book. Then all you have to do is tell your followers what your upto! You can do as many gifts/winners per game as you wish, I chose three on my first game but of course one is plenty. Its important to explain when the game is finishing so folk know when to enter by and also explain that if they win, then they have to Pay it Forward to their followers also. Don’t forget to tag any makers in your post that you use if they aren’t your own products and pop a little note at the bottom of your post stating your game has nothing at all to do with Instagram, just to cover your back!

Please use the #atouchofkind so we can follow the journey of each gift. Its quite exciting to see how far a touch of kind could go!

If you read this far then thank you. you’re wonderful, and please pop over and say Hi on Instagram, you can find me @FeatherandWild



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