That Question

Theres a question that I dread.

It can bring me out in a cold sweat and increase my heart rate in a second.

Nope, its not how much do you weigh, nor is it either how much chocolate do you eat in a day, its this:

‘So what is it you do?’

What is it I do?


Answers on a postcard please.

I was asked this the other day, for the gazillionth time (not a number…maths ISN’T what I do) and I proceeded with this…

“well, I’m a full time mum really. I started my business in 2014 but its more of a kitchen table hobby really. I draw things.”

“Oh, so what is it you draw then? ”

“erm, nature stuff”

It didn’t end there, it went on, ok I went on,

on a rather boring tangent about how I like photography and how I want to help woman find their creativity and yadda yadda yadda.

She switched off.

I don’t blame her.

This uncomfortable conversation has had me thinking though.

If I really want to start allowing myself to play BIG next year then isn’t it essential that I know what it is that I do?

I’ve spent too long testing the waters. I’ve spent too long throwing my hand at everything to see what I like best.

I’m passionate about Nature. I’m passionate about Photography. I really want to help woman find their inner creativity yet deep within me I’m scared. My inner critic is screaming but you’re not qualified to do that. You can’t call yourself any of these things because you’re self taught at it all. Don’t even get me started on the picture book that I have procrastinated so hard on because I’m not actually an illustrator.

I’ve answered in the past I’m an Artist, but that tends to lead to ‘oh so do you know such & such who painted such & such?’ Or “Can you paint a picture off my dog?” I’ve made this mistake and that, I know, is not what I do. Lesson learnt.

I could answer I’m training to be a forest school practitioner soon which is great, but thats not all I do. I guess its an answer though.

I’ve bought Tara Mohr’s book Playing Big and I plan on it being the first book I read of 2018. It’s time for me to stop with all the self doubt already. I know I’m ready for this but I know I can’t do it completely on my own.  With the community of support I have from people in my life I am reminded that I’m not alone in all this and I’m hoping next year brings me a touch more clarity so if I’m asked that dreaded question I can answer in a way that allows me to hold my head up high and say,

I am a ……?

So I’m going to ask you now, you don’t have to answer but I’m hoping if you do it may help me put into words my title.

“So, what is it you do?”

I look forward to discussing this further with you…over tea, because tea helps!

Love Victoria

11 thoughts on “That Question”

  1. Its an odd question really that we nearly always ask someone we meet for the first time as if it defines who they are but it doesn’t really. When I think of people I know and my lovely friends it doesn’t matter one bit what they do its who they are and what they mean to me that matters. What do I do – well I trained as an accountant and now I grow seasonal flowers in a cornish meadow but also work part time as a receptionist to support my new venture. I am a Flower Farmer

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    1. I just love that you are a flower farmer. You trained as an accountant but you are a flower farmer. Following a dream and you are so right, our title doesn’t define us. I feel I should give a good proper job answer but perhaps I shouldn’t. It doesn’t define me after all!


  2. I’m qualified as a town planner so that usually gets people’s backs up straight away because people always think of the greedy developer side of the coin but it’s not all about that and I’ve been lucky to have worked on some very worthy projects. However I am also super passionate about health and so I’m exploring running my own essential oil business at the moment. And then there’s my creative hat too and my work that I’ve done with Rowan Yarns. Definitely be proud of what you do and think big for 2018. Have you read Big Magic too? I’m also a big fan of inspiring podcasts 🙂
    Claire xx

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    1. I’ve just recently read Big Magic, it was fab wasn’t it! Good luck with all you set out to do. It’s so important we do these despite what we think others will think. I’m also fairly addicted to podcasts at the moment too!

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      1. I’m also reading a really interesting boo by Miranda Grey right now called the Optimised Woman and how you can organise your month more effectively on how you’re feeling depending where you are in your cycle. It’s fascinating and quite a revelation! x

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  3. Ohh that’s a good one!! Every time someone asked me I say I’m a photographer, and luckily people are OK with that, but in the beginning my parents didn’t get the idea. I studied Arts and design but then thanks to a job, I let photography discovers me, and since then I try to live as a photographer even if I’m still finding my path in which kind of photographer you are ? Travel, weddings, documental? My parents are both lawyers, my mom now supports me (before also she said to their friends that I studied other thing) but wants me to study a master, and my father he doesn’t even understand really. I’m from Peru and photography is not consider a great career like medicine or law, but I didn’t care, I live in Belgium now and next year I move to Paris, my dream 🙂 it was a pleasure to read you and I adore your photos. 🙂

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    1. Well done for following your dreams honey. It’s not always the easiest thing to do but I’m sure you’ll get so far with it. You sound incredibly passionate about photography which is a great base for success I think! Thank you for your kind words! 😘


  4. SUCH a good blog post… and something gI struggle with ALL the time! I run Chasing Wonderment, a small business dedicated to inspiring people to live well. It’s a blend of clothing and lifestyle products… based around Slow Living, Chasing Adventures, and feeling Whole.

    But it’s really hard to say all of that out loud. 🙊

    Maybe we should get a group together of small business owners who need to work on their “Elevator Pitches!” 😂

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    1. I often think these sent a are fine on paper but I feel a prat saying them out loud to someone I barely or don’t know. It needs to be simple doesn’t it. Maybe I make it harder than it needs to be?!


      1. Yes, maybe we overcomplicate things? I’m really impressed by Tara Swiger’s podcasts… she makes a habit of telling what she does every single time she speaks on her podcast! As I’ve listened to her for a few years, I’ve heard her become more and more comfortable talking about what she does. (I think she even has a podcast about it! 😆)

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