#atouchofkind February 2018

A Monthly Hashtag Update

This month I’ve seen our little hashtag community grow so much, and its been so heartwarming watching the kindness spread so I thought at the end of each month I’d do a little round up of just a few of the images that have caught my eye that month and hopefully you can check those accounts out and say hi if you haven’t met them already!

Each month I’ll pick 11 images from the # and share them on here, I’ll tag your image if picked so it links up to your account so its easy to find you and from there we can meet new people if we haven’t already!

Oh and why 11? Because its my lucky number, no other reason!

It was also Random Acts of Kindness week this month and the lovely Kat over at interviewed me for @happiful_magazine alongside some other woman about #atouchofkind, you can read that here if you like!


makelight feb
Honeysuckle feb


Lets help the kindness continue, please use the #atouchofkind when you show/see kindness towards others or yourself, it’s a wonderful thing!

Love Victoria

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