A New Addiction … (in collaboration with Sudio)

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it at all, but I’m unashamedly addicted to listening to Podcasts. I think it all started with Sara Tasker and her knowledge of all that is being creative over at the brilliantly titled Hashtag Authentic, I then discovered Lucy at What She Said, and then there’s Opera with her Super Soul Conversations and I could go on. What I love is I can listen to these while I’m driving to college or making the dinner, or cleaning the house or if I’m lucky, in bed with a cup of tea and I feel like I’m gaining something productive out of my time and not wasting it away.

So when Sudio contacted me to do a little collaboration with them I was thrilled because I’d only ever heard good things about their headphones and the simplicity of their products was quick to entice me.

Sudio Vas Bla

The obvious choice for me was the Vasa Bla in the white & rose gold. The wireless option has so many benefits, its definitely easier moving around without being attached to my phone. It connects easily to my bluetooth and comes with a variety of different size ear pieces so even my daughter could use them, but if I’m honest she’s not getting her hands on them, these ones are mine!

Sudio Vasa Bla Studio scene

I guess if I were a runner I could talk about how great they are for that but I only run if it’s an emergency, like to the shop to buy more wine, sorry tea, I meant tea but if running is your thing these could be a godsend I’m sure.

All in all though these are by far my new favourite thing, and I’m always on the look out for new podcasts to listen too so if you have any favourites I’d love to hear what they are.

Sudio vasa Bla Desk

You can check out Sudio over at www.sudio.com and they’ve offered you 15% off any purchase using the code Featherandwild15

I’d only share a product if I knew it was of quality and it was something I loved so you can be sure when I do work with a company its because I think they’re kinda amazing and I think some of you guys will too.

Love Victoria,

2 thoughts on “A New Addiction … (in collaboration with Sudio)”

  1. I had The Minimalists recommended to me and LOVE it – am going through their whole back catalogue daily. I such a hoarding nightmare and it is helping me gradually let go of the Stuff that is weighing me down!! Good article m’dear – loved it 🙂

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