Procrastination for life

I’m always thinking of the next thing, the next job. That hit of inspiration that comes when I least expect it guiding me to try something else and then theres those times when I’m just creating for the sake of it, experimenting with no stress of it being perfect or sellable and something wonderful happens and then I’m on to that too so as you can imagine my to do list is always quite long. Sometimes I’m moving things from one list to the next and over time it leaves my list and is just a distant memory of the job I still haven’t got around too.

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

This was the case with a recent job on my memory to do list that I finally achieved after three years of incredible procrastination. I’m not saying I sat for three years doing nothing, I’ve actually achieved a great deal considering but because it was a technical thing, and it scared me I put it off for a very long time!

After three years, I finally created a mailing list! Mailchimp isn’t actually as scary as I thought and I have this little link now that I can share, where if you like my ramblings, my artwork and my photography you can sign up and occasionally you’ll get mail from me directly into your inbox. Kinda cool huh! So here it is if you’re interested!

What I have found though, that as much as procrastination isn’t always a good thing, sometimes its equally as productive. I recently sat looking at my to do list and justified not doing anything on it because I was short of time so I got out my vintage typewriter and decided to type up some words of mine just because but because it’s so old it had slowly over use by myself & the kids ran out of ink. This though turned out to be a blessing in disguise because the embossed lettering with no ink is really rather a beautiful thing. The way the words are there, but you have to go up close to read them.

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

Like a secret only the curious discover.

I’ve plans to add words to artwork soon, but in the meantime these mini frames have been created, available in my etsy shop now, and I’m sure there will be more soon too.

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

My moral of this journal ramblings are that although procrastination has such a bad name to it, I’m stating to see it in a different kinder light. Use your procrastination time wisely and something wonderful could happen, you never know!


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