What does success mean today?

I’ve found myself recently pondering the ideas of success. When can we call ourselves successful? Is success something we view as others see us or is it something we choose ourselves? A high flying job in the city wearing designer suits and a private jet, great if thats yours scene and successful, well I guess so, especially if success was a number on a piece of paper stating how much people earn in a year but I don’t think it is that. I don’t believe success is the same that it once was. I think there’s been an awakening if you like of peoples ideals in life. Life goals have changed from what they once were. Life is so very different in the western world for woman especially and I see that moving forward our ideals of success.

Social media and the ability to know anything at any time by simply asking our mobile phones has opened our eyes to so much more than what we once knew.  We were raised to be a certain way within our cultures. Our upbringing teaches us in many cases to be a certain way. Thats not throwing blame at our parents or families, or their parents or the generation before them its simply the way life was, but things are different now and I see that as I raise my two girls in a world thats changed so much even in the short time from my childhood to mid thirties.

Growing up I knew art was going to be in my life, it was the only subject I enjoyed and the only one I got top marks for and although I was never discouraged from doing it, I was taught that successful artists like Picasso, Dali, Matisse, Turner, were the exception and sometimes, like Van Gogh, slightly insane and dead before they made any money out of it all. My point here though is success is so much more than making your millions from a painting. I’m not saying I wouldn’t like to make millions from my art but rather, my idea of success has differed to the views I had growing up. No longer do I class myself  as a failure just because my work isn’t well known because when I look back at all I’ve achieved over the last few years, what I once thought as successful has happened already. I am achieving those ideals that I once had. They’re only small but I’ve done them and my next goals, my next dreams, my next desires, they’re there in the future waiting to be achieved.

The bar of success, for me personally is one that moves with each task, however little a task it was, as I tick it off my list. Personally or professionally life happens when we’re too busy planning the future, and although this pattern of thought isn’t necessarily healthy all the time, I think there are benefits for keeping track of what we want, What we really really want (if you sang that sentence, me too!) and then checking in occasionally and hopefully realising that what we have right now, is exactly what we wanted all along!

Success is here, right now, if we’re taking the actions required, however small each day. It’s the look on our child’s face as they take their first step,  it’s contentment in the life you’ve lived and the life you live, its defined by no one but ourselves. It’s set by us and only us and allowing anyone else to dictate our success is never going to work. Not really.

love, as always


2 thoughts on “What does success mean today?”

  1. VIctoria,
    I just discovered you online today and started following you because your work is simple and simply beautiful. There’s a calming, peaceful feeling I get from viewing your website. Your musings on “What Does Success Mean Today” resonated with me. It’s something I’ve been ruminating on of late, realizing that it’s often the little things I do that no one else sees that makes me feel most contented and successful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Creatively yours, Carol

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