The Shift

Do you have a fear of failure? A fear of being seen? A fear of…well you’re not sure what but you know if you figured it out it may help you on your path?

tree fern sketch LR

I think I’ve spent most of my life hiding behind myself.  Not allowing myself to play big because…what?  The last four years though have not been wasted, and in my defence I have had a baby in those years but I have learnt so much not only about myself but my abilities to show up, daily.  It’s quite easy to only show our best sides online but sometimes, when you show up even when you really don’t feel like it, or you show a little  bit of your vulnerable side you find you’re not alone. This has most definitely been the case for me and has helped me in many ways to realise what it is I’m actually capable of and the truth is, until you start realising your own capabilities, you’re never really going to succeed fully.

wild sea bamburgh lr

I can’t write this pretending I’m full of confidence and achieving all my desires because I’m not. Far from it in fact but what I have learnt is that I’m on my way because looking back I never dreamt I’d even have a blog, never mind a mailing list or even a website!! So although my process has been slow, and I’ve gone full circle in some things and some people reading this may roll their eyes and say I’ve been telling you this for years Vic, its only until you truly believe in yourself that you can honesty go out there and feel proud of how far you have come.


This gets me onto where I am now. The present. I feel like recently I’m moving onto my next chapter. Like a shift is happening and I really cannot put my finger on what it is exactly and however hard I try to figure it out I feel like I’m moving further away from it so whatever it is, its teaching me that I really must Trust in the whole process. I’m far better these days at following my instincts and truly believe that if you can tune into what your gut is telling you really can only end up exactly where you are meant to be. It’s pretty much the Law but that’s a whole other blog post I’ll save for another day.

Trust the waitembrace the uncertaintyEnjoy the beauty of becomingwhen nothing is certain, evrythog ids possible

I know though that it’s time for me to move away from the crafty makes and move more towards my painting and photography. Perhaps those workshops are getting closer or perhaps even a gathering of folk in a pretty venue is on the cards, I’m not sure but you’ll be first to know what it is when I get there.

scarborough LR-no people

I really hope whatever it is my next chapter holds, it contains all the warmth and connection I get from you guys and perhaps a little more cake.

You can never have too much cake.

Much love, as always


12 thoughts on “The Shift”

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  1. I have similar feelings and thoughts – trusting and following my heart and trying not to feel overwhelmed by the uncertainty. I’m routing for you Victoria. Lots of love, Lucy xxxxxxx

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