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I’m Victoria and if like me you are inspired by the seasons and all that nature has to offer, have a passion for creating a simple slow lived life and a love for creativity then please take a moment to read my blog or pop over and say hi on Instagram

It’s always lovely meeting like minded folk!

My blog is all about my creative journey.

I hope to share my experiences, my creative makes and my love of all that is the great outdoors.

My love of nature has always been with me, but as I’ve settled into life as a mum, I’ve come to realise how important it is to spend time outdoors.  Nature has always inspired my art, but now inspires my parenting. I strongly believe that children (and parents!) can learn more from a day out in the woods exploring than they could looking at a book about trees and I hope to raise my girls with a love and respect for nature and our natural world.

My creative journey has brought me to here, my blog. I started my small business back in 2014 and was completely clueless as to what I was doing (I don’t hold my hands up as been any wiser as of yet!) but if you never try you never know! I’ve made mistakes and I’ve learnt a lot, not only about the runnings of a creative business but about myself. I’ve grown a lot as a person in the last couple of years and I’m here to share my experiences. The small moments in my life. The little things that make me realise its all worth it.

Enjoying the simple things in life, still dreaming of that little cottage in the country and the importance of raising my girls with an appreciation of nature and being the truest form of yourself you can be.

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